Parkersburg Attractions

I made a couple of images this year of some local sights. Large prints on Metallic Paper are available for purchase.

Blennerhasset Mansion
This image was made this past summer. To show the full beauty of this local attraction, we editied out the fence. This print is available in approximate size of 10 x 20 inches.


The Parkersburg-Belpre Bridge at sunset.
This is a 9-shot panorama at sunset from Point Park in Parkersburg.

Bridge at Sunset

IFinally, for this posting, here is a wintery view of the Wood County Courthouse in downtown Parkersburg.

Wood County Courthouse in Parkersburg HDR, with painterly effect

Expressive Meredeth

To say I was wowed by this little girl is an understatement!  I ran into her mother at a Pittsburgh wedding I photographed in July, and she recently contacted me to get some photographs of her daughter.  We agreed to meet at a Pittsburgh hotel for a series of shots.  When I met them, little Meredeth was soooo excited about getting photographed.  I don’t think I’ve encountered any child more easy to work with.  I just asked for something and she delivered the look. She belongs in front of a camera.  Her beautiful eyes, gorgeous locks of hair, the epressions, and her joyous attitude are a winning combination.

Meredeth-121204-0003 Meredeth-121204-0011 Meredeth-121204-0025 Meredeth-121204-0029 Meredeth-121204-0036 Meredeth-121204-0040Here’s a couple of Meredeth and her mommy: Rachel. Meredeth-121204-0055 Meredeth-121204-0060

“Sugar and Spice and Everything Nice”

Meredeth-121204-0065 Meredeth-121204-0034

I’ll have to admit, I was saddened to see the session come to an end.  Meredeth is such a loving, sweet child; we hit it off instantly.  She is a sweetheart.  She’s left a mark on my heart, and I hope you enjoy seeing these images.




Mia Turns Two

It’s hard to believe that Mia is two years old. We’ve watched (and photographed) her since birth, she is adorable.

As usual, mom and dad brought several changes of wardrobe. Mia had a Mickey Mouse birthday party, so she sported her getup from the event the night before.

Mickey made a nice chair to relax after a hard session of posing.

We took an opportunity to make a photo of the family with to remember the second birthday.

Time to go for now.



One thing for sure, my family gets lots of photo time. This Thanksgiving, after a family meal at my son and daughter-in-law’s home, we took a few minutes outside to enjoy the balmy fall weather. The sun was getting low, and I took an opportunity to make some images of their family.

I read somewhere that a little girl’s first love is her daddy. Phillip is blessed with two beautiful girls who adore their father.

Daddy and Daughters

Danielle and Madison at play.
Mommy and Daughter

Kennedy Smiling


Happy times


Baylee – Fall Outdoor Session

One afternoon recently, my daughter called to see if I was busy. She told me that Baylee — my 2 year old grandaughter was in the best mood, and wanted to come see grandpa for pictures. How could I resist! It was a typical fall afternoon, the sun was bright, the sky was clear. At least it was late enough in the afternoon that the sun was coming at an angle and the lighting wasn’t too harsh. We just hopped out in the back yard with the 80-200mm f2.8 and let Baylee do her stuff. She’s getting the hang of this posing stuff.

I’m so blessed with a beautiful family and three beautiful granddaughters that get more than their share of time in front of the lens. I wouldn’t have it any other way.


Cassie and John are Engaged

It finally happened! I’ve been trying to get Cassie in front of my lens for years, but she resisted — that is until John popped the question. This young couple recently got engaged, and I was fortunate enough to be allowed to make their photos.

I didn’t realize it, but their courtship all started with a piggy-back ride during a conditioning program (likely excuse). I only found out when I asked if they wanted to try this pose.

John proposed to Cassie at a picnic, so we set up a lakeside picnic scenario for some of their images.

They are trained marksmen, and wanted to feature their “babies” in one of the images. I thought this was a hoot!

The BLING shot. You can see the happiness in Cassie’s eyes as she looks over John’s shoulders.

John is a US Marine Corps Reservist. They plan to be married in the fall of 2013, when Cassie will officially be able to share this name tag.


Fall Student Portraits

Over the course of a few weeks this fall, we made some pictures of high school students in various settings. Here are a few of my favorites.

First Dakota, a PHS Senior with ambitions of studying medicine.

Dakota PHS


And Alana, another PHS Senior. She has a crazy sense of humor, and is a barrel of laughs. She wants to go to culinary school.



Finally, Elizabeth. We were at a picnic hosted by mutual friends on a farm near Parkersburg, and I couldn’t resist using the barn as a backdrop for an image of this beautiful young lady.


Hello Hayden

A few posts back, I featured the maternity shots of Paige and Jesse, and as I said then baby Hayden was born less than two weeks later. Well, they stopped by the house a few days ago to have some pictures of their bundle of joy made. He’s a real cutie. Hayden Maxwell came out a tiny little thing, but is growing so fast. I look forward to photographing this little one as he grows up.

From Hayden: “Peace Out”


Fall Fun Portraits

I love it when I can make less than “ideally posed” portraits. I think some of the most memorable photographs of anyone are those that truly capture the personna of the subjects. Our extended family made it’s annual pilgrimage to Bucher Family Farms, and of course my camera was in tow. My son and his family posed for a fall portrait, and Madison (the family clown) wanted no part of a stiffly posed photograh — Yay Madison!. The chaos that ensued allowed the joy of the family to dominate the photograph.
Family chaos and laughter

We made lots of images that sunny Saturday morning, but my favorites remain those that show the happiness and laughter we so often enjoy with our families — like this one of Baylee yucking it up in the pumpkin patch.
Baylee laughing amidst the pumkins

There are a lot of photos from that day — some will make it to frames and onto the walls, others — not so. But the memories will remain forever.


Paige and Jesse and [almost] Hayden

A few short weeks ago, I had the opportunity to make some photographs for Paige and Jesse. Paige was nearly 36 weeks into her pregnancy. The lighting was not what I was hoping for, but we got some fun shots, beginning in Marietta, OH and finishing up in Vienna.

Now, I’ve know Jesse since my kids were in high school, and Paige since my son started dating his now wife. They are a fun couple and enjoy life.

Just 13 days after we made these images, baby Hayden Maxwell surprised his parents with an early arrival. I’ve seen his coming home snapshot, and he’s a real cutie — but with this couple, how could he not be. Welcome to the world Hayden.